How to pass in order to be accepted Google AdSense Blog

One attempt to earn income on the internet is by using Google Adsense. This method has the potential to benefit a pleasant enough. If you have a blog that has been monetized with Google Adsense, then your blog will sell when offered at the site Flippa. But, of course, not all users of Google Adsense will get approval from Google Adsense admin. There are many reasons why it did not get approval. Some of the reasons which are :

1. Blogs that you have created does not adhere to the policies issued by webmaster
2. Unclear Navigation
3. The content provided is less

Many thoughts have been written, some of the bloggers that have up to more than one account with Google Adsense on behalf of diverse, ranging from the name of the father, mother, wife, or even his children. Of all the accounts there were all rejected. This is because it hurts the strategy used to register these blogs. Well, for those of you who want to try their luck by playing Adsense, then this article will be given a surefire steps to our blog team immediately accepted Google Adsense.

Cara jitu untuk meloloskan Blog agar diterima Google AdSense

1. Make a blog that contains content articles about these tips or how to - The first step to do is to create a blog that contains tips. For example, you can create content articles about tips for being a good writer. By making such kind of articles, your blog will certainly will soon get approval from Google Adsense publisher. Making these types of articles such as this is not difficult. Because those articles that contain helpful tips to do something is one of the pillars of the article

2. Minimum should be 50 articles indexed in Google - When you will register your blog to Google Adsense, it is still unclear about the number of articles that specified the Google Adsense. However, at least there should be a minimum of 50 articles if you want to register your blog to Google Adsense. For an article on the blog at least the number of words per article is 400 words. If the number of words in your article less of these provisions, then chances are your blog will be included in the category of less content and consequently will be rejected

3. Article Make a truly original - That is, when you create an article for the need to be accepted by the Google Adsense, then you have to make the article contains truly original and 100% pass Copyscape. Its purpose other than copyright infringement, if your article is copy and paste the article, it can be ascertained blog you create will never be able to enter the top 10 of Google. However, if you are not proficient in English to writing articles, you can use article writing services both locally and abroad. The articles that have been passed Copyscape 100% when you send will certainly save time, because it does not need to check again on the Copyscape.

4. Make an article using good grammar - This is very important. Not enough to pass 100% Copyscape alone but the article that you create must have good grammar. The goal, as it will be reviewed by a team of Google Adsense on your blog. If the review team did not understand what you are talking about the review team will recommend your blog to reject it.

5. Blogs Make navigation simple and clear - Jump to a blog's internal links, menu header, related articles, and a sidebar menu. For your note, in making the blog all navigation is in it make with simple and clear. We can take example.
a. If using the color blue link, then you combine it with a white background.
b. Gadgets to Make Related Post
c. Make a menu header with 4-6 items only
d. Add a sidebar with recent posts, categories, and key social media

6. If necessary, add relevant videos - Your blog visitors will be pleased to learn that you will achieve that goal in publishing an article. Thus, the addition of relevant videos are indispensable for a theme that you discuss in your article. You can use a homemade video or share other people's videos from Youtube. Do not need all the articles that you create includes a video, at least there About a 30-50% where the video appears on the article that you create.

7. Make the blog logo - To demonstrate the professionalism of your blog, create a logo for your blog. In creating a logo, make a very professional impression of the look of the blog. If you can not make it, you can order it on the blog logo creation services you can find in online media such as social media, for example. If you are able to make, you can use photoshop program application.

8. Construct a page about the informative and reliable - In a blog, you must include a page about. To create a page about this, you should make seinformatif possible and reliable. informative here means that you have a purpose in making these blogs and reliable means writing down your self-identity that has the blog. You have to remember that your identity should be equal to the identity when registering on Google Adsense.

9. Make contact page, privacy policy, and DMCA - In addition to pages about as it has been mentioned above, to bring up the contact-page will make it easy for visitors if you want to ask some questions related to the blog that you wake up. Then the privacy policy page is a tribute to the privacy of visitors to your blog. And the DMCA page is a statement stating that the blog you create does not infringe the copyrights of others.

10. Age blog created over 3 months - Similarly, the number of articles, ages blogs listed in Google Adsense is not yet clearly defined. Still, at least you made the blog has aged less than 3 months. And the age of 6 months of the blog is the ideal age, because you can publish many articles and your blog will be indexed perfectly and has a visitor by searching on search engines.

There are many ways that can be taken any bloggers in getting approval from Google Adsense publisher. So in this article is also subjective in nature. If you are able to practice in a blog in English or Indonesian of course you as a blogger hopes to be accepted in publsisher Google Adsense will open wide. And another thing is the patience of course is the main capital for you to be able to get approval from Google Adsense publisher.

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