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Currently, mp3 has become a result of modern technology that is familiar to most people. Almost everyone who has a PC or Laptop will not weird anymore with mp3. Because Mp3 has become a tool that is often used in everyday life. Mp3 is a file obtained from kompresan audio data. Mp3 some form of data derived from the results of the algorithm kompresan audio data. So, it takes the algorithm to compress the data to achieve the quality and size of the desired data.

Categories mp3 player Usually, mp3 players are grouped based on the capacity and the ability to read various types of files. The most common types of files used to store the mp3 and wma music, and physical support for data can be flash, micro drive, hard drive, or CD. Flash memory mp3 players are the most popular. The latest player to have 256 MB of flash memory and between 4 GB. If we consider the fact that the average length of a melody is 3 MB, then the actual results of flash memory players can store between 80 and 1200 melodies. Flash memory has no moving parts, so that the players can be easily manipulated without the risk of damaging it.

Today many mp3 player also has many other interesting functions . A new mp3 player can also FM radio , agenda , possibility to sort and group melodies , recording and playback capabilities as well as many others . Another feature of MP3 Players Latest mp3 player has a wide color screen where you can play DVD -quality movies . We could not finish this mp3 player review information without speaking about other important features of mp3 players , like voice recording or FM radio tuner and sometimes even TV tuner . Mp3 player with 5 GB of memory can record up to 40 hours of high -quality sound . In the last two years, mp3 players have become the most common device for listening to music . Very small , portable , and with a large storage capacity , an mp3 player can also be fashionable

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