How to learn to drive a car in 7 days

Many of you are probably looking for an article on how to learn to drive a car. Some of you may be fooled by the search keyword "car driving". Therefore, you will not get the information to your liking. In the following article, will be given on how the learning process when the car step by step. In this article will be given tips on how to drive the car in just one week. This article will provide benefits for those who want to quickly adept at driving a car on the highway.

The explanation given in this article will be made as easy as possible for you who want to learn to drive a car with a very fast time. And you have to make sure that safety remains the number one when you are able to drive your own car on the highway. The steps you can do to make you adept at driving a car within a week and will be reviewed in full detail.

If you buy a guide book in a book store by himself then you will find the titles that was fantastic, such as "Proficient ..... in a day", "apt to step in mastering something .. X steps" and there are many more titles that are able to attract your attention. However, unfortunately some of the guides that are sold not one that discusses how to learn to drive a car. On the basis of the consideration that, this article is made to help you who are looking for guidance on how to learn to drive a car fast.

How to learn to drive a car in 7 days

Before you learn to drive a car, the initial preparation you have to do is as follows.

1. intention - Everything you want to do of course, must be based on the intention. If you do not have the intention, of course you will achieve results that will disappoint even to fail.

2. Cars available - For this preparation, you can get up to how the origin does not violate the norm. For cars, it is suggested that the car has a manual transmission. And the size of a large car like a deer, for example.

3. Teachers - It is most important to you. Teaching staff is very important when you are learning to drive a car. Because the process operation and control are very different from the two-wheeled vehicles.

After you prepare the initial preparation, the first day you start learning to drive a car. On the first day you have to do is to find out and about the basic controls on the features available in the car that you are using to learn. Every car is different features, but the ignition and turn off the engine, how to use a turn signal and hazard, headlights and lights remotely, run the wipers on basically any car have in common.

Once you understand it, then it's time you begin to learn the basic rules of the driving process. There are a few rules that you must understand. At least you have to understand is the use of the left and right lane, driving ethics precedes another vehicle for example, as well as the meaning and significance of existing traffic signs. Targets need to accomplish is to master the basics mentioned above.

Once you understand the basic knowledge on the first day, then on the second day you start to bring the car to a broad field such as field. Can you stay around the complex field. There you can train to run the car forward and backward. The aim is that you get used to using the clutch. You have to make sure when you run the car smoothly and without vibration felt on the engine.

If it is used, then it is time to bring the car on the streets of your neighborhood. You have to get used to doing with a level of speed gearshift repeated. Your eyes are trained to look back using the rear view mirror. At this phase is highly recommended to select the track straight and flat.

On the third day is the same as the previous day. You just have to move the track. Previously you choose a straight path then the third day you have to choose a path winding. Look for a lot of the turn track roads around where you live. To turn this technique, not an easy thing. Although it looks simple, but the technique is very difficult to do perfectly. You have to pay attention when your turn not to take the path that is used by other drivers. For your information, learning to drive a car with a right turn is harder than to turn to the left as can be ascertained when you turn to the right, you will cut the road to the other driver.

On the fourth day, the material is more complex learning to drive a car. In this day, you will learn how to drive a car while on the road climbs. There are two techniques in driving down the incline. First, use the hand brake then use the art of playing the second clutch. Well, this is the fourth day you will learn to master these two techniques. When you learn to drive a car on the road uphill, do it with varying degrees of steepness of the ramp that passes. Then do as well by providing variation in forward and backward uphill. You have to remember, watch the temperature of your car engine. This is very important, because it is basically a clutch serves to keep the engine in order not to die. With clutch plays as well as making the performance of the machine be up and down.

The characteristics of the car when it is hot is the appearance of smoke from the hood. For that, you need to know the tricks you need to learn how to hold the car remained stable and did not back down when in the incline without stepping on the brake pedal or pull the hand brake. All you have to do is to do a combination of clutch and gas. With practice and do not despair, you undoubtedly will easily master the technique.

Once you master on the road climbs, then the next day was learning how to park a car. This technique is quite difficult. Difficulty level equivalent to driving a car on the road uphill. The first thing you can do when you are going to learn how to park a car that runs backward on the car you drive. Do it from left to right. Then, you also have to learn the techniques of the car park horzontal. This technique is commonly used if we face a parallel parking space. Parallel parking is a challenge for motorists. For beginners, it would be difficult to do so. The time used to park the car in parallel for beginners can be reached within approximately 30 minutes. If it is successful, you can proceed with a combination of park and uphill, ie with your car parked on the road climbs. If you are able to achieve this technique, then you've successfully mastered various techniques to park in the public parking lot.

If until the fifth day you really have mastered it, then it is time to really get off on the highway. Please use the highway as you drive the track. Use all the skills you already have and learn. One trivial but very important, be sure to fill fuel. Because the beginners usually do not know how to fill the fuel properly.

In the last days learning how to drive this car, you can try it with a walk around the city. To drive a car within a certain range, make sure the condition of the car in a really good state. Having regard to all applicable regulations, certainly you will drive the car with the comfortable and safety is maintained. Hopefully this article useful for you who want to learn to drive a car fast.

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