Mystery Rise Emen

If you go to London, you'll often hear about a story by word of mouth that smelled of myths about the mystery of Rise Emen. It is very creepy at all if And hear the story of the mysterious presence of the ramp. There have been many accidents events that occurred in the ramp. For those of you who are curious as to what the story, this article will summarize about the horrors that occurred in the ramp.

The story of this climb there are two versions. Regarding the reasons referred to climb Emen. Among residents told that Emen is the name of a driver who is brave. As a daily driver oplet of Bandung - Subang. But the unfortunate fate befall him, he was killed while transporting an accident of salted fish Ciroyom towards Subang. Emen The death occurred in 1964. At the time of the accident, the car driven by a burning Emen reversed and he was roasted alive. In the time that Emen is the only driver who dared to cross the area, until he was dubbed the brave driver

Mystery Rise Emen

After the death of Emen incident, the residents then believed that ghosts haunt Emen and often disturbing the driver who dared pass in the area, especially at night. Many strange events that characterize when the driver crossed the main ramp at night. As the incidence of sudden brake tension, vehicle slip, or fall. And many of them going on some strange events such as vehicle suddenly breaking down, or worse, the driver even passengers can be possessed while traversing the incline.

The above story is the first version of the myth going Rise Emen. For the second version of the origin called Rise Emen that is the hit and run victim named Emen. Sat on the occurrence, Emen body hit and run victim is not treated as they should but disembuntyikan in grove of trees in the ramp area. It is not known exactly when the occurrence of such events. Since then, the residents also believe that the souls of the victims of hit-and-run Emen that often haunt the drivers who pass through the ramp for revenge.

Two versions of the story develops, in essence lead to a belief in the community that in order not to get a creepy experience when moving through the area, the driver is usually lit up a cigarette and then threw it on the side of the road. This is done as a symbol to give Emen spirits who in his lifetime was a smoker and do it when you're driving.

The myths that developed in the community seem to invite questions scientifically. Why the strange events always appear when crossing the ramp. For this it will be explained why it could happen imiah. Frequent accidents in the area suspected positions of the climb is very steep at all. Slope can reach 45-50 degrees are often found by the driver along the road approximately 2-3 miles traveled. This ramp also has a very sharp bend so be extra careful in driving the vehicle. For additional info for you, there are two uphill lanes that could provide an opportunity for drivers to remain cautious for balance gasdan brake so the car is always in controlled conditions.

Well, you already feel curious again is not it? With the above explanation as to why you are getting to know the ramp holds the mystery. And you have to remember is still always be careful when driving a vehicle when you are on the go.

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