Differences civil and Honorary Teacher

Teaching profession is a profession that has stages. If you are a teacher there are several steps that you must take to become a professional teacher. Before you are appointed as civil servants, then you will be the status of honorary teachers, that teachers are not permanent and do not yet have the status of candidate for Civil Servants. You get the honor system that is adapted to the number of lessons that you ampu. Some of them get fees voluntarily and sometimes not comparable to what they have done as a form of devotion to the highest formal educational institutions.

Ironically, their salaries had become honorary teachers get when standards are still below the minimum wage set by the government area. In appearance, they are not much different from the teachers who have the status of civil servants. In fact they wore the same uniform with the civil servants. Despite the fact that it is not in accordance with the rules set by the government. It is quite ironic seeing the reality. Many cases, that they are not willing to become a teacher because I wanted to be a candidate for permanent civil servants with a view through the honoree will have the opportunity to be appointed as civil servants.

Differences civil and Honorary Teacher

There is an assumption, that the part time teachers is invisible, because they can be appointed as a civil servant without going through the procedures and applicable in Indonesia. This can occur because of engineering work during the period becomes honorary. In addition there are more strange, the field work part time teachers are not in accordance with the educational background they have. Sometimes there are many who take advantage of the decision letter from the person who does not have the correct authority and right under the laws in force in Indonesia.

A large demonstration demanding the part time teachers to be appointed soon become civil servants without any test. Their demands may be very difficult to do, because considering the number of part time teachers and honorary workers who ask to be appointed on a permanent basis as a place to put them after becoming a permanent employee is still limited. Indeed, life happens between teachers civil servants and teachers do not remain very contrasted. Teachers living servants all-sufficiency, even sometimes in front of teacher salaries as if to demonstrate his wealth. More classy another round of teaching is always a luxury car ride down, though still kriditan to guarantee the appointment decree.

Currently PNS teaching profession is no longer synonymous with simplicity was more to life bermewah luxuries. Indeed, the profession of being a teacher is a service that can be used to teach science in the fields of charity and kindness. As well as his life was generally full of simplicity is far from luxurious. A good teacher was not a lot of style, but rather strove to improve the knowledge in order to teach students better. Besides not seen beautiful protégé, social jealousy will arise, especially among teachers' committee and of course the part time teachers.

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