Livestock and Fish Recipes Gurame

There are many kinds, if you want to present dishes made ​​from fish base. Serving fish can you serve for the meal or dish during Ramadan iftar crate today. The types of fish that can serve as a great meal dishes, such as catfish, catfish, carp, snapper, pomfret or it could be, depending on your taste. As for how to cook was also varied, you can cook it in a way baked, fried, or boiled. Eating fish is very good for you. In one fish rich in protein content and favorable elements for your body. You also do not have to worry about the fishy smell of fish. Already there are many ways to cook fish at once can remove the smell of the fish. As one of the dishes that will accompany your iftar time is a dish made ​​from carp, which is sweet and sour carp.

Just for your knowledge, carp is a freshwater fish that is very popular and liked by the people in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Although it is possible in some countries outside the region were also liked anyway. There are also just want to keep it just as ornamental fish in the aquarium. There are several designations for these fish, such as carp for the Sundanese people, grameh for the Java community at large, and there is no mention Kalui and fishing times, and still there are some longer term.

If cooked, it tasted very savory carp and of course delicious. In cooking, you can serve it with a variety of seasonings, various kinds of sauce, as well as options such as how to cook by boiling, roasting, or can also be fried. You can very easily find a shop or restaurant that provides a menu of sweet and sour carp, from five feet to the luxury restaurant. For those of you who might want to try the business with carp basic ingredients, you can find out about how to cultivate them.

Basically there are three main parts in an attempt to cultivate carp. This is because the growth of carp very slow. The parts of the cultivation of carp that you can know is:

1. Nurseries - In cultivation this time, you should prepare a ground pools, pool cement or plastic pond. In this article, we review the cultivation of carp using ground pool. Use of the pool has been drained soil in sun for 3-4 days, making carp will be stimulated to lay eggs soon. Pool that will use for the cultivation of measuring 6 x 20 square meters. In the pool, you can put in it some carp breeding. For couples carp are put into the pool consisted of 3 females and 1 males. The best age is the parent after the age of 3 years or more with the weight of 3 kg / head. Each stem will produce as many as 3000-10000 eggs, depending on the age and type of the carp.

For an altitude that can be used cultivation is about 80-100 cm. Tujuaannya is that carp can do more to build a nest egg-laying. Carp that live in the wild to build nests to lay their eggs on dry grass around the edges of lakes, swamps, rivers. For the purposes of cultivation, you can supply materials to make a nest of dry grass, palm fiber, or coconut husk which has been combed. Then can you put on a rack made ​​of bamboo or other materials.

Once during the 3-7 days you have placed in the pool, then the parent-parent carp will make nests out of materials you have provided earlier. By using fibers, will make the carp take the fibers which will then be woven to resemble a bird's nest. After that, the parent female carp will put some eggs in the nest. Then the male parent will squirt his sperm on the egg collection in the hive. You waiting for then you take the nest carefully to remove the eggs and place them in a container that is used for hatching. You can use an aquarium, pond cement, fiber tub, bucket, or basin.

2. separating - After two days you place the eggs in a container for hatching, the eggs will hatch into larvae and then. In the process of hatching, all the eggs are fertilized. The process lasts for 4-5 days. After hatching, the larvae will start to move and swim, but not require food, because the larvae are still carrying food supplies in the form of egg yolk.

You have to prepare dinner after the age of larvae 10 days. The larvae feed in the form of fish meal, silk worms, arternia, water fleas. At the age of 20 days, you will see the shape of small carp with a size of 1 cm and at 2 months of age carp carp-small size has reached 5 cm. At this age, the carp-carp are ready sown into rearing ponds. In cultivation it is usually the farmers still continue to menjcapai weighs 125 grams.

While doing this nursery, starting from the age of 20 days up to 5-6 months conducted in a cement pool whose size is 4 x 6 square meters. These ponds can be stocked in the amount of up to 10,000 seeds tail. To feed, after 4 months of age can be used in the form of feed chopped kale leaves, leaf Bira / sente, taro, and so forth.

Once you are able to cultivate carp, you can offer to the business manager of food or you can use yourself to start eateries processed fish for carp. It's been proven that carp is a freshwater fish that is highly enjoyed by many people. There are many innovations made ​​to create preparations made ​​from these carp. One of them is fried carp combined with various types of spices and sauces. The processed grain is very tempting, especially in the month of fasting you can make a menu for you to break. One is sweet and sour carp processed this way makes it very easy.

Livestock and Fish Recipes Gurame

If you want to try to process them, this article will be presented in the recipe how to make sweet and sour carp immersive. Next recipe.

  1. 1,000 g carp, which have been cleaned
  2. 2 tbsp corn starch
  3. ½ tsp salt
  4. 1,500 ml of cooking oil
  5. 500 g red tomatoes
  6.  150 ml of water
  7.  1 tablespoon margarine
  8.  3 red onions, thinly sliced
  9.  2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
  10.  3 red chilli, thinly sliced ​​lengthwise
  11.  4 cm ginger, thinly sliced ​​lengthwise
  12.  10 stems chives
  13.  1 tsp salt
  14.  1 tbsp sugar
  15.  1 tbsp vinegar
  16.  4 tbsp tomato sauce
  17. 1 tsp corn starch, dissolved in a little water

How to cook:
1. Marinate carp with corn starch and salt mixture. Set aside
2. Heat the oil in a large frying pan so that all the fish can enter. Fried fish in flooded conditions and is not sticky in the pan.
3. Raise fish if the color is yellowish brass and the meat is done.
4. Sauce: tomato makers with enough boiling water, let stand until the tomato skins become soft. Mash tomatoes, strain and discard the waste. Mix the tomato water with water
5. In the skillet, heat margarine and saute onion, garlic, red pepper, and ginger until fragrant. Then enter the chives and tomato water.
6. Add salt, sugar, and vinegar. Pour tomato sauce and corn starch liquid. Msak until sauce boils and thickens. Lift.
7. Sprinkle fried carp with a sauce.
Dihidang prepared cuisine for your iftar menu.

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