Delicious Vegetable Tamarind Java

One diet that has a majority of the fans in the Java community as well as in other regions in Indonesia, namely vegetable tamarind. Even vegetable tamarind has many variants in each region with a distinctive taste and differentiate with other regions. One of the variants that will be presented is a recipe to make Java tamarind vegetable very tasty. The food is usually served in the dry season. With the sour taste of the fruit of the tamarind is shown to be one of the ingredients to make it.

Bring up a refreshing sour taste sensation. If you are curious how to make vegetable tamarind Java is very tasty, not hurt you to try making your own in your kitchen. Here will display the full recipe on how to make this sour vegetable.

Delicious Vegetable Tamarind Java

To make it, you can listen to a recipe that is served this time. But first you need to prepare the ingredients in advance. As for the ingredients to make vegetable tamarind Java is:

  1. 2 bunches of green beans, then cut according to your wishes
  2. 2 tablespoons peanuts, then you boiled and peeled peanuts
  3. Chayote diced
  4. Skin melinjo
  5. sweet corn, cut into pieces according to your taste
  6. Galangal the size of 2 fingers
  7. Water sour taste.

Then for the spices, all you need is:
1. 8 spring onions thinly sliced
2. 4 garlic cloves thinly sliced
3. Granulated sugar to taste
4. Cayenne

To make it, you can listen to the following steps.

  1. First boil water in the pot, which then enter the spices and ginger into the boiling water.
  2. After that, enter the bean that has been cut into pieces, peanuts have you peel, sweet corn, and skin melinjo. Let stand until half cooked.
  3. Then you enter your squash that has been diced and added water was acidic.
  4. Cook until done
  5. Once cooked, turn off the flame and sour vegetable Java has prepared you serve.

Not easy to make vegetable tamarind Java? May be useful.

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