Efficacy and benefits of cinnamon

Efficacy and benefits of cinnamon is very good for health. The use of cinnamon to the mixture usually food or drink, which use as a flavoring of food or the drink. It turns out, of the usefulness of storing a variety of benefits of cinnamon and a very good efficacy for health

You are curious not want to get to know the efficacy and health benefits of cinnamon? Before you noticing it, it will first explain about these cinnamon. Cinnamon is a spice that has a sweet aroma and spicy taste. So it is not surprising that the use of cinnamon to complement the cuisine and beverage ingredients. Its usefulness was intended to provide additional flavors of dishes made​​.

In the cinnamon, there is content such as iron, calcium, fiber, iron, and manganese. And also do not forget the essential connection which there is oil. General nutritional health by the consumption of cinnamon that is able to cure various diseases, such as diabetes, lowering cholesterol, to cinnamon evenly balancing hormones and are widely used for Chinese medicine techniques. Learn more about the nutritional and health benefits of cinnamon can you listen completely in the article below.

Efficacy and benefits of cinnamon 1. Relieves flu

In cinnamon are nutrients in a very calm dreaded torture you. To perform the treatment, you can combining it with ginger. Benefits of cinnamon potent in relieving flu, because in it contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help in expediting the circulation in the body, so if you catch a cold when consuming cinnamon ginger is combined with a slow, flu will subside.

2. Preventing Cancer

There is a study from the University of Texas who revealed that cinnamon efficacious in preventing the growth of cancer cells. With cinnamon can be used to prevent and treat cancer hazard arising in the body.

3. Lowering Cholesterol

Cinnamon is very good for digestive health, because it contains fiber, manganese, and calcium. In addition to digestion, bowel and is also good for your heart health as well. Cinnamon is also effective in lowering cholesterol and helping to eliminate the salt in your body.

3. Controlling blood sugar in the body

Antioxidants contained in cinnamon help to control blood sugar in the body. With cinnamon also helps in the digestive process after eating and also effectively help patients with type 2 diabetes to improve insulin response. In one gram of cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar levels, trglycerides, bad cholesterol, and total cholesterol were also found in patients with diabetes.

4. Improved brain function

Cinnamon aroma that wafted will provide an increase in brain activity. This is because the cognitive processes will increase when a person smell the aroma of fragrant cinnamon. It also helps to increase concentration, ability to remember and have a working speed of the computer program.

Similarly, some of the properties and benefits of cinnamon is good for your health. Of course, by eating lots of cinnamon, of course, you will be protected from diseases that threaten you. May be useful.

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