Food and Drink Anti Odour Mouth

When we were together with colleagues or business associates should certainly pay attention to everything in us. One of the problems is very important for you to note is the problem of bad breath. There are many factors that can cause bad breath. Factors that cause bad breath among them is the cleanliness and health of your mouth.

Besides the health problems, your favorite frequent smoking, as well as food and beverages you consume. As pungent foods such as onions you consume will certainly lead to unpleasant breath and also lead to bad breath is not good anyway. Drinking alcoholic beverages also can cause mouth odor less unpleasant. Factors food and beverages you consume only temporary against your bad breath.

Of course you do not want the problem of bad breath is tormenting you not? With the odor problem in your mouth it will also lead activities and your interaction with a lot of people will also be disrupted. You can avoid and prevent bad breath happens to you. Here are some foods that can help you to prevent and avoid bad breath that torment you when you're doing the activity and interaction with many people at work or in any atmosphere.

Food and Drink Anti Odour Mouth

1. Yoghurt

Content in yogurt is proven powerful in fighting bacteria-bacteria that nest in your mouth. In yoghurt contained vitamin D functions to help the emergence of bacterial growth which nest on the teeth. You can consume yogurt to overcome your bad breath naturally.

2. Herbs

Herbal ingredients proven also to freshen breath. You can eat parsley, mint leaves, basil, and sparmin to address odor problems in your mouth. Consumption of herbs you can directly do without having to process them beforehand, for example by soaking in warm water and then you can drink. In addition to helping overcome bad breath, herbal content is also capable of maintaining the health of the digestive system and provide the sensation of freshness in your stomach.

3. Vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber

Vegetables are rich as well as help you to stimulate the production of saliva. Salivary function than it is to clean the remaining food left in your mouth. With mengonsumsiwortel or apples will help you to clean your mouth from the remnants of the food you eat and also help to prevent bad breath.

4. Chewing Gum

By chewing gum, saliva production in your mouth and will increase as well as fibrous foods will help you to prevent bad breath is very disturbing. You can choose sugarless gum. Due to the presence of sugar contained in candy will increase the growth of bacteria in your mouth.

5. Foods with a high content of Vitamin C

Function of vitamin C that do prevention against bacteria and maintain health staggeringly mouth. With the consumption of foods and beverages rich in vitamin C will prevent the onset of gum disease bleeding. The disease is a major trigger of the emergence of bad breath. You can get vitamin C from natural ingredients such as fruits such as oranges, tomatoes, and so forth.

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