Tips to keep food in the freezer

Refrigerator or freezer is very effective in storing food. The goal is that the stored food can be long lasting. However, it does not apply to all foods. For fruits, although still stored in the refrigerator can not last long.

There are some tips on storing food in the freezer to keep them fresh that you can know. This method is very simple and you can do yourself. We often find that there are groceries in the refrigerator is no longer fresh so it did not get processed into food. Here, there are tips on storing food in the freezer is still fresh and long lasting.

1. Hardworking clean refrigerator

Fridge is always clean will make food in it will remain awake cleanliness. And especially not contaminated by food telagh rot in it. When you find rotting food, so do not immediately throw mengontaminasi other foodstuffs. Make sure the front, in the refrigerator no water stagnate. Stagnate water in the refrigerator to speed up the process of decay in food, mainly vegetables and fruits.

2. Potato
Tips to keep food in the freezer

The following tips for storing food in the freezer to keep them fresh, using potatoes. Helpful potatoes to absorb the foul smell of food or food ingredients that have been processed and put into the refrigerator. The trick is to put parts of the potato in several places in the refrigerator. Parts of the potato can absorb foul odors caused by foods and processed foods in the refrigerator. You can replace parts of the potato once every 3 days.

3. Egg

The eggs that you keep in the refrigerator is no way you can do, is keep the eggs with the small end at the bottom. In this way, confirmed that air bags are located at the top will not be depressed by the weight of the egg. So the egg will not break, if the egg breaks will certainly speed up the process of decay eggs.

4. Tomatoes and cucumbers

Storing tomatoes and cucumbers in the refrigerator, should be put in different places. Because tomatoes are able to remove gases that can make a cucumber into a fast decay. We recommend a place to store the coated paper or paper as the base. The goal is to keep dried tomatoes and cucumber and make it more durable and remain fresh.

5. Apples

Things you should consider when storing apples in the refrigerator is not to be mixed with other fruits, especially fruits that are ripe. Because just like tomatoes, apples also issued certain gases that cause fruits and sayuiran will quickly rot. Keep apples along with fruits that have not been overly ripe fruit ripening process could be faster.

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