Tips to preserve meat goat

One important source of protein for the body is meat. If we do not know how to store and cook it correctly, of the protein contained in it will be lost. Goat meat is the most consumed meat when Eid arrives.

In the cooking process, when one of the cooking will make the meat becomes tough. Not only that, the store can make goat meat becomes tough. For meat that we consume will remain in good condition, follow the tips to preserve meat goat that you can try. Another problem in this is the emergence of mutton smell prengus if you do not process it right. Here are tips that you can try to resolve the problem in order to be comfortable when the goat meat consumed.

Once you buy goat meat, take away from the water. Due to the characteristics of goat daginng also almost similar to beef where its juicy content will be lost when exposed to water. The majority of people when buying goat meat directly after washing. This should be avoided, because if the meat goat when directly exposed to water, the meat will look no longer fresh and odor causing prengus increasingly sharp. You simply clean it with a paper towel if the mutton is there dirt and use pingset to remove these impurities.

Tips to preserve meat goat

After that, which is important also to note is that the storage process. If you are one of the store, the smell prengus will be sharper and when processed will taste delicious not to eat it. How to store goat meat is properly wrapped in banana leaves. After that enter the mutton into an airtight container to maintain freshness of the meat when exposed to moist air.

On banana leaves contained one of the substances that can make mutton terjaha kesegaranya. In order to feel good when processed when wrapped in banana leaves, preferably lamb coat with seasonings according to your taste. When the goat meat is processed, the marinade has been absorbed into the flesh and taste better eaten. Garlic should give quite a lot, because the garlic is very effective for removing odors prengus of the goat meat and mutton can also soften.

Then the following are tips to keep the meat goat so durable.

1. Goat meat should not be stored in a frozen condition. This is in contrast with the beef should be stored in a frozen condition. The best temperature for storing meat goats is -10 degrees Celsius to -17 degrees Celsius.

2. Keep mutton avoid the water directly.

3. When will you wash new processed goat meat with cold water

That tips preserve meat goats. You can try it directly. Thus can be known of each meat have different ways to save. Because every meat has a different texture. Good luck.

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