Vegetable Washing Tips So Clean

When you buy vegetables in the market either, in the mall, or on itinerant vendors you have to wash vegetables before consumption. This is so that any dirt attached to vegetables is lost.

Dirt-dirt is coming from the air, land, or pesticides. Indeed, by washing vegetables will reduce the content of vitamins and minerals in the vegetables. However, when you wash it the right way so the nutrients are in the vegetables will still be there. Here below are tips you can wash vegetables follow and learn when you run out to buy vegetables.

Things you should do first before washing vegetables is to wash your hands with soap and water of course. In the vegetable wash, do not use soap or detergent, because the chemicals in soaps and detergents will harm your health. When cleaning vegetables, rub the vegetables if you have hard skin. Vegetables that you can scrub when you wash, such as cucumbers or pumpkins. Rub surface using a special brush to clean washing foodstuffs.

Vegetable Washing Tips So Clean

Next, after you wash and dry your. Dry with a clean cloth or tissue. The goal is to eliminate the bacteria that may be left in the wash vegetables you have. Furthermore, do not soak the vegetables that are in the wash. By immersing sayurran would make vitamin and mineral content will be wasted. Moreover, you immerse it in a certain time.

Wash your vegetables in running water so the dirt-dirt on vegetables is lost. When washing vegetables, if we find a part of the vegetables are either defective or not you want, you can cut it. Especially for broccoli or cauliflower soaked in cleaning needed to advance. This is required so that the clinging dirt can quickly disappear and then you can simply rinse under running water.

Heightened awareness of the dangers of pesticides on vegetables provide a good understanding of the importance of washing vegetables before consumption. Although the wash vegetables do not eliminate totally, but pretty effective in minimizing pesticide residues that settle on the vegetables. It is very dangerous to your health. With the accumulation of pesticides found in your body in a long time will give a bad impact on your health.

You can also wash the vegetables with a special soap for vegetables and fruits are sold in supermarkets. By using a special food-grade soap will reduce pesticide residue still attached to the vegetables. Such tips can wash vegetables that you know. By washing vegetables will certainly reduce the negative impacts that endanger your health.

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