Lets Talk Smart on Smartphones

Let's be honest. Your smart phone is an extension of yourself. In the past, leave your phone at home was not a big deal. But now, if you are already half way to work and you leave your smartphone at home, you will be at risk of late only to come back and pick it up. Most of your life on your smart phone. Smart phones let you go anywhere without worrying about losing anything. Important emails from contacts or your boss can be received and read anytime and anywhere. Social and professional life you can now mix and mingle. Even when the much-needed vacation, you can still attend to pressing concerns work or attend a meeting via videoconference.

In the world of professional SMS has taken a back seat to email for smartphones. The length of a text message is limited and can only be accepted by the other phone. Emails sent through the smart phone can be sent not only to other phones but to the computer as well. Free long conversations, both locally and internationally can have. Large files can be sent.

To start, the smartphone as your computer is equipped with the Web, email and Personal Data Assistant or PDA capabilities. They are the answer to the busy schedule of work. If you have a lot on your plate, a great phone like this helps keep us organized and being on top of things. Smart phones have the most important perk is a third party application or better known as applications. Application on your smart phone to let you do your job without a regular computer.

Busy professionals can now create, edit, store, share and email documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. In addition to this strong working ability that gives your smart phone, you can also work on them in real time with your colleagues, despite the location, and see the changes each make. Certain applications in the smart phone allows you to leave a message individually for each member of your team making it easier for you to follow the threads and make the work more organized. Add-ons such as burn charts are also available to help you keep track of time and labor. For designers, image-tweaking applications can be downloaded directly to your mobile smart phone.

During the crisis, smart phone apps to kick with their presentation tool. They not only allow you to create, they also let you import existing presentations to them and edit them as well. Photos and videos can also be taken with your mobile smart phone. Not only that, the smartphone allows you to share, edit and send them as well.

Smart professionals would do well to get a smart phone. Not only do the smart phone functions like a traditional computer and very useful, smart phones gives us freedom in more than one way. With mobile access to the Web and with the right application installed, there would be no reason at all not to get one if you want to get ahead of your busy schedule.

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