Set Problem - Problem prediction that will appear in the Teacher Competency Test Event in 2015.Pdf

Law Number 14 Year 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers mandates that the teaching profession is a specialized field of work carried out by the appropriate areas of their competency standards and the implementation of continuous professional development throughout life. Competence is a set of knowledge, skills and behaviors that must be owned, lived, ruled, and actualized by the professionalism of teachers in performing the task.

gambar contoh soal UKG 2015

From the right side, professionalism in carrying out the task, teachers are entitled to an opportunity to improve the competence, training and professional development in the field. In terms of liabilities, the teacher must have academic qualifications, competence, teaching certificate, physically and mentally healthy, and have the ability to achieve national education goals.

Teacher Competency Test (UKG) aimed at mapping competencies, as a basis for continuing professional development activities (continuing professional development) as well as part of the performance appraisal process to obtain a complete picture of the implementation of all the standards of competence. Hopefully, through this Teacher Competency Test will be able to strengthen the determination, passion and hard work of all parties to achieve quality education for Indonesian Generation of Gold.

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