Examples of Preface to Best Practice English

Education friends, in this post the author will share examples of introductions to making best practices in English

Examples of Preface to Best Practice English

The foreword that is shared is only a reference, and you can adjust it as needed. if there are deficiencies in writing please understand it

Okay, for more details, let's read an example that I wrote directly on this page


Alhamdulillah, thanks be to Allah for all His grace and gratitude, which has given His gift so that the author can complete the Best Practice with the title "Learning Report Text Through Scientific Approach with Discovery Learning Model at SMPN ........ ...... Academic Year 2020-2021 ”.

This Best Practice was prepared in order to complement the PKP Guru LK-9 2021

In the preparation of this Best Practice, the writer received a lot of help and guidance from various parties. Therefore, the author would like to thank the honorable ones:

1. Head of District Education Office …

2. Principal of SMP Negeri ……………, which has given permission and trust to the author to conduct this research as widely as possible.

3. Facilitators or Core Teachers, ..., who have provided assistance during the research process until embodied in the form of Best Practices.

4. All fellow teachers in SMP Negeri ……… .., who have provided best practice writing assistance.

5. All parties that cannot be mentioned individually who have provided assistance in any form in completing best practices.

The author realizes that this work is far from perfect. Therefore, the writer hopes that constructive criticism and suggestions will improve this work.

If you need a complete file of teacher best practice in word format, you can contact me directly on the menu available on this site

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