These are Tourist Places in Indonesia that are Rarely Visited, you need to know

Bismillah, Many say that Indonesia is a paradise for tourists. Located in the tropics, Indonesia's natural conditions are very diverse, even admired by foreign tourists. The choice of vacation spots in Indonesia seems to be endless. Starting from tourist attractions on the island of Java, Sumatra island, Sulawesi island, to other small islands also competing to present an unforgettable impression after being visited. However, there are still tourist attractions in Indonesia that are rarely visited and you should visit even if it's only once in your lifetime.

Labengki Island

Red Island Beach in Banyuwangi

Have you ever been to Banyuwangi, but haven't had time to go around? Try to visit Pulau Merah Beach. The beach, which is located in Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran District, presents natural beauty with amazing panoramas. When you arrive, you will immediately be greeted by a beach that is still clear. Not only that, the location around the beach is also surrounded by green mountains. As a person who wants to find a vacation spot as well as refresh the mind, Pulau Merah Beach is the most appropriate location. As the name implies, on Pulau Merah Beach there is a small hill whose soil is red. When the sea water is receding, you can visit the island on foot. Relax on Pulau Merah Beach until dusk because you can watch the sunset view as well as capture it for memories.

Madakaripura Waterfall in Probolinggo

Visiting natural tourist sites is never boring. If you are in Probolinggo and want to find beautiful tourist attractions, come to Madakaripura Waterfall in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area. The highest waterfall on the island of Java, which reaches a height of 200 meters, also holds the title as the second highest waterfall in Indonesia. Arriving at the location, you can feel the nuances of nature combined with views of a towering waterfall. The beauty is more complete because the location of the waterfall can be seen between the cliffs which further adds to its exoticism. Many have said that Madakaripura Waterfall is an eternal waterfall. Why? Until now, the flow of water has never stopped even during the dry season.

Benang Stokel Waterfall in Lombok

Lombok is not only famous for its Senggigi Beach. There are still tourist destinations that will amaze you when you arrive in Lombok, such as the 20-meter-high Benang Stokel Waterfall which looks like a string of threads. Of course, the water conditions are very clear and allow you to see the bottom of the river. Around the waterfall there are lush trees, so the atmosphere is very beautiful

Labengki Island in Southeast Sulawesi Province

If you have studied social studies at school, you may have heard that Indonesia has more than 20 thousand islands. One of these islands is Labengki Island in Southeast Sulawesi Province. This hidden paradise that lies beautifully presents the richness of the underwater world. The tourists usually come to do snorkeling.

Piles of Exotic Stones in Goa Lawa

The existence of natural tourist attractions which are often known as exotic stone piles in Goa Lawa, Tegal is still not visited by many. Besides being able to see piles of stones arranged naturally, you can also climb them. This tourist spot is perfect for those of you who have an adventurous spirit. Also find some of the best photo locations on the cliff side. You should avoid coming to the location when it rains because the location tends to be slippery.

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