A variety of food that can overcome a bad mood

There are many things that can get you into a bad mood. Various pressure can cause you to be in a bad mood. Like the incident at school that is always under pressure. Besides other bad things can aggravate the condition of our feelings. With such conditions, then you will feel lazy to do any activity, including eating. If this continues then of course you let it affect your body's health.

You do not want this condition happen to you right? Instead of torturing yourself by avoiding various types of food that are dear to you miss. You can try out the menus below you can overcome your bad mood. Based on the research, some foods below will be able to cope with mood bad mood back to normal. What are these foods? Let us refer to

A variety of food that can overcome a bad mood

1. when sad - When you're sad, you try eating salmon. Salmon are very nutritious because it is rich in Omega-3. Omega-3 is able to improve mood is down. By eating these fish, once you are in a bad mood or sad to be back to normal and gradually forgetting mood was sad and not getting late in the dumps. In addition to salmon menu, there are several other menus are highly recommended for you to overcome the sad, namely fish, fisheries, eggs, red meat.

2. When angry - When you are angry, you try to consume processed foods derived from the poultry meat grilled chicken. Some studies say that the chicken meat can help you to control your emotions and reduce anger. In addition, chicken meat, there are some other foods that can reduce anger. Some of these foods include red meat, poultry, as already mentioned earlier, dairy products, seafood, wheat, and beans.

3. Currently scared - It turns out that food can also dispel the fear that has engulfed you. For those of you who are stricken fear, try to eat vegetables that are rich in folate. For example, broccoli. Same with Omega-3, folate can also control the fear that has engulfed you. For example, when you're feeling uneasy about something, try to eat foods that contain folate. Gradually the feeling of fear that has engulfed you, will gradually disappear. There are some diets are able to drive these feelings, which include avocados, green leafy vegetables, asparagus, beans, and peas.

4. When no confidence - You must have experienced when he was not confident right? Perhaps from your appearance or when doing a presentation with your relationship. There is a study says that to overcome the insecurity that you're going through, you can eat the kind of food which contains trypophan. The types of foods that contain these substances can be found on meat, especially chicken, fish, especially salmon and tuna.

5. Currently heartbreak - Maybe this is a popular mood that often hit you? When they are sad result of a broken heart, chocolate-based foods will help you in overcoming the feeling mood. By eating chocolate will help you to restore your mood. In a study, it is true that chocolate contains a chemical that serves to calm and boost your mood and make a happy return.

6. Currently anxious - Feelings of anxiety, it is often hit you. Anxiously waiting for test results, waiting for the birth of a baby, awaiting the decision of an activity. Well, for that when you're anxious, try to avoid drinking coffee. You can replace it by drinking herbal tea. By consuming herbal tea will make you be quiet and make you more relaxed. It is advisable for you to consume a cup of hot tea and gradually you will be relaxed and calm and you are experiencing nervousness will disappear.

Thus some diet that can make your mood becomes stable again. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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