The second tip, how to run an online business for beginners to be successful in business

Bismillah, Alright buddy success. On this happy occasion the guru-id page will again continue posting about online business for beginners. OK, here are the two tips.

The second tip, how to run an online business for beginners to be successful in business

First, we have to determine the target market you want

After observing the current market conditions, of course you already have a specific target market. From the very beginning since you decided to open an online business, the target market must be mapped out beforehand so that you can build a brand from the store or product to be sold. Suppose you are going to sell frozen food, of course the name of the product that you will introduce to young consumers and housewives is certainly different. So make sure you have done the beginner online business method by determining the target market before moving on to the next step.

Second, you have to think about what items you are going to sell

The relationship of the target market that has been identified from the start with the business you will run is related to the goods to be sold. Focus on the things you really understand or even love. Suppose you really like the world of photography, of course you will sell photography products because you understand the ins and outs of photography and its relationship with the products to be sold. By understanding what you are selling with consumer needs, the online business method that you apply even without capital, can be more advanced than people who sell goods just from a momentary trend.

Third, Building business systems and automation is also important

One of the important points in running a business is how to manage finances and order administration. So the next online business method for beginners is to have and build an easy business automation system. Try to prepare a special cell phone number to run your business or respond to customer orders that are different from your personal cell phone number. Although it seems simple, but this will make it easier to identify consumers and how to interact with them. Another thing to note is to create a bank account specifically for buying and selling transactions. Also create several digital wallets that have been integrated so that consumers have many payment options according to what is currently trending. There's nothing wrong with creating a special WhatsApp Business or Instagram account to make the business system more organized.

Fourth, let's do a market price comparison

Everyone wants to sell goods with maximum profit. But the big question is, is the price you offer not too expensive or even cheap for the market you are targeting? To overcome this, of course, you need to compare the current prices of similar products. Compare first with the prices offered by competitors. Good product but overprice can kill your business before you even take advantage of it. Especially for novice businessmen, this needs to be avoided. By doing a price comparison, you know what percentage of the profit you will get and if there is a discount, the nominal is still quite reasonable.

Fifth, it is mandatory to use social media to promote your business

To create a best-selling online shop business is not easy. You need more effort to be successful and survive. The next online business method for beginners is to set up social media accounts for promotional purposes. Because deciding to start an online business as a beginner means that you have to interact with social media accounts to promote, or even make transactions. Currently, every social media account has been given the freedom to place advertisements. Even Facebook and Instagram have their own market features that can be used for free by anyone. Create social media accounts for the product brands that you will sell and display all the products you currently offer. Don't forget to update product photos or just post content to keep consumers looking at your online store. Don't forget to look for tips on how to start an online business on the right Instagram and Facebook so that you get more references.

Sixth, try to take advantage of family and friends

In the early days of you building an online business, don't forget your family and close relatives. They could be your first customers, or even personal marketing loyal to the business you just started. Establish good relations with your family and tell what you are trying to do at the moment. Present your new online business and ask for their feedback for input. They are the customer representatives out there who look at the product and decide whether to spend the money on the product you offer or look for another, better product. This benchmark is very important how you have an internal marketing team, a quality control team, and of course loyal customers at the same time.

Thank you for visiting and reading the information on the guru-id blog. Hopefully it will be useful and provide additional insight. greetings education.

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